Xkcd Tic Tac Toe

XKCD Tic Tac Toe is absolutely fantastic. It's simple to play and you can do it anywhere. Because of the game's enormous popularity, even mathematicians took a look at it. Who'd have guessed that four lines doodled on a sheet of paper would attract so much attention?

The origins of this game are a subject of controversy, with ideas spanning from ancient Egypt through the Roman Empire.

The Facts

It's reasonable to believe that XKCD Tic Tac Toe has nine different game states. Players would cease playing after a winner was determined, therefore such states must be discarded. As a result, we only have 255,168 possible game states instead of the full 9! = 362,880.

Game theory of XKCD Tic Tac Toe

Game Theory is a branch of mathematics that is quite fascinating. The study of "strategic decision making" is referred to as "game theory." It's also significant in economics, because making various judgments is a common occurrence there.  

A zero-sum game is Tic Tac Toe. A game in which the final score is always 0. In addition, this is an ideal information game in which you have total control over the game's outcome. There are no secret cards or anything like that, and you are fully aware of everything. As a result, you can play flawlessly since there are no random events or unknown factors. (Just because you play flawlessly does not guarantee victory.) This indicates there will always be a tie in this situation.


Here's a sample of XKCD's amazing graph format for displaying all potential outcomes. It displays all potential movements as well as the best answers for games that begin with X in the upper left corner and O in the middle.

XKCD Tic-tac-toe is a fun game to play when learning about computers. Coding the rules is simple. Unlike chess, go, or poker, a simple software that plays the game flawlessly may be written. It's simple to test because games are over in nine moves. You can learn about the tradeoff between efficiency and complexity by looking at similar situations (beginning with X in the top left corner is similar to beginning with X in the bottom right corner, and so on).

So this is all for xkcd Tic Tac Toe game. Above we have mentioned the rules to play this game and also identify some strategies to win this game.

What exactly is the point of an xkcd Tic Tac Toe?

Tic-tac-toe is a paper and pencil game in which two players, X and O, alternately mark squares on a 33-square grid. The player who can line up three of their markers in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row wins the game.

How should an xkcd Tic Tac Toe game be played?

Make xkcd tic-tac-toe software that you can play on your computer. Two players exchange turns in the xkcd tic-tac-toe game, which is played on a 9x9 grid. A circle is used by the first player to indicate his actions, whereas a cross is used by the second. The winner is the player who has a three-mark horizontal, vertical, or diagonal sequence.