Spelling Tic Tac Toe

Another type of cross and knots game for kids and adults is the spelling Tic Tac Toe.

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For 1st Grade

With these engaging choice exercises, students will enjoy doing their spelling assignments. This packet contains 6 weeks of tic tac toe spelling assignments based on the 1st Grade Reading Street Spelling sequence. These might also serve as a focal point.

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Tic tac toe For 2nd Grade:

2nd Grade Wonders Reading Series Spelling TIC-TAC-TOE Boards Allow your children to choose whatever spelling tasks they want to do each day. These are excellent exercises for literacy centers. Students can pick from nine different activities to construct a TIC-TAC-TOE. Consonant Fractions, Vowel Fractions, Roll a Word, Area/Perimeter Spelling Fun, Look/Say/Cover/Write/Check, and The Value of My Spelling Words activity sheets are included.

For 3rd Grade:

This is the assignment for the first fifteen lists in Houghton Mifflin's Journeys third-grade spelling curriculum. Tic Tac Toe is used to produce all of the assignments. The center block activity is obligatory for all pupils to complete. Students must write 10 sentences in the central block. Sentence writing emphasizes topics covered in the Journeys curriculum, such as subject/predicate and the four types of sentences. Many of the remaining tasks are word sorting exercises based on the lists' spelling patterns. Practice with syllables and nouns are included in a few of the lists.

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Cross and knots for 4th Grade:

There are eight tic tac toe homework sheets in this package. Each page is intended to be used over the course of a week to allow children to select a word work exercise from a menu of options that include their spelling words or word kinds. Each page has the same tasks, but they have changed around so that kids do not choose the same row of activities each week. Students are encouraged to try out all of the exercises in this manner.

For 5th Grade:

Each week's spelling topic is represented with an activity in the Spelling Pack. These spelling sheets correspond with Scott Foreman’s Reading Street Common Core 2013 Edition. To teach spelling principles, do these exercises in small groups. These are either review or practice questions. The activities are interactive.


Spelling Tic Tac Toe is not a novel concept for spelling homework. The game board resembles a game of Tic Tac Toe, but each block has a new spelling task. Change the activities to meet the requirements of your pupils! Make tough or simpler exercises for kids to choose from! Megan Camp Adams (who, again, did NOT come up with the overall idea!) designed this template to make spelling F-U-N.

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What is the ideal number of spelling words for a second-grader?

Remember to simply teach a few words at a time to 2nd graders. For most 2nd graders, 8-10 words each week is sufficient. When feasible, arrange words like light, night, and right into families. Encourage your youngster to use his spelling terms frequently in fantastic stories that he creates on his own.

What can I do to enhance my second-grade spelling?

Within a phrase, children identify terms from the same word family and then finish the sentence with another word from the same family. This is a fantastic method to improve your reading comprehension and spelling skills! Online spelling games - Allow your second-graders to rectify our errors.