Three Dimensional Tic Tac Toe Can Be Played On Three Arrays?

Yes, Tic Tac Toe is usually played in the third dimension. But Tic Tac Three Dimensions (TTTD) can be played in a cube-shaped room! TTTD should not be confused with Tic Tacs Tom Toms or Tic Tics Tack Tacks because of their different names and rules.

An example game was started as follows: O took the center location, X took an edge location, and then Y took another edge location. The X’s move in this situation [in bold] would mean that they cannot move at all because no set can be formed without using that square already occupied by X. Also note that TTTD allows for Tic Tacs Tacks Tacks and Ticks Tacks Tacks.

X’s turn is before Y’s and Z’s turn. O starts by choosing an edge and then each player must choose a location opposite to the one just played. Also, note that TTTD does NOT allow you to play on your opponent’s previous move.

The winner of this game was O after he had crippled X by taking his last available move. To win TTTD a player must control four squares around their base or play off three sides of the opposing side of the cube.

TTTD is a very interesting game that I would play again, especially because you get to put your pieces on top of others’ pieces! And just like in real life, the first one who makes a move might win the entire game.

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