Tic Tac Toe Impossible

Tic Tac Toe Impossible is a fantastic board game that has nine tic tac toe board games assembled in a three by three grid. The players will take turns for playing this tic tac toe game until one of the players wins in the tic tac toe board.

As compared with the traditional game, the strategy in this one is conceptually a little harder and has established more challenging for PCs.

Play Noughts and Crosses Game

Point Of The Application

  • Learn how you can master this fantastic game
  • Trick, troll or frustrate the family/friends
  • Teaches you at times you’ll fail a lot, but the significant point is you learn from the mistakes you have made

History of Tic Tac Toe

The games played on 3 in a row board can be drawn back to ancient Egypt, where such board games have been found on different roofing tiles. The early tic-tac-toe variation was played in the Roman Empire in the 1st century BC. It was known as terni lapilli (3 pebbles at one time), and in place of having any number of pieces, every player just had 3; thus, they needed to move those pieces around to vacant spaces for playing. The grid markings of the game have been found chalked all across Rome. The diverse names of this game are more recent. The 1st print reference to the noughts and crosses game (nought being a substitute word for Zero), the British name, emerged in the year 1858.

The 1st print reference to this game named tick-tack-toe occurred in the year 1884, but referred to the kids' game played on the slate, consisting in attempting with the eyes closed to bring your pencil down on one of the numbers set, the one-hit being attained. Tic-tac-toe might also come from tick-tack, the name of the old backgammon version first explained in the year 1558. The US renaming of noughts and crosses as tic-tac-toe happened in the twentieth century. 

The classic game made impossible due to the PC’s smart answer-move each turn. It’s one of the hardest tic tac toe game you’ll ever play. Nearly impossible to succeed, and it’ll make the hair fall! Can you really beat the impossible artificial intelligence of this game?