Tic-tac-toe Flip Cup with Shots

Tic-tac-toe flip cup is the combination of Flip cup and tic-tac-toe. It is an indoor game and is also played at parties like Christmas parties, and birthday parties. Some as well as many people can play this game. It is a game that can be played with the material present at home.

 It is also a type of drinking game because you can use drinks in it. Surprised?? Wait! wait! Don’t you know how to play it? Don’t worry and fasten your belts Jwe are going to tell you everything about this interesting game.

Flip cup tic-tac-toe is the best indoor game

Like every game, flip cup tic tac toe is also important as an indoor game. It is a joyful part of different parties as one too many people can play this game and enjoy it. It is a kind of brain activity, as one has to judge the technique to play this game.

Moreover, children as well as elders can play this easily. As now a day, due to coronavirus, you may play indoor games to entertain yourself. Flip cup tic-tac-toe is the best of indoor games. You can play this game, anywhere with any person, which may be your friend or a family member.

The Material used to play tic tac toe flip cup

In order to start this game, you need to make tic-tac-toe for which you need a 

  • Scotch tape
  • A table
  • Some plastic cups or 6 cups of 2 different colours
  • Any drink you like (Optional)






Rules to play Flip Cup Tic Tac Toe

Learning the rules is the first step to play any game whether it is soccer, basketball, or table tennis. The rules of the Flip cup tic-tac-toe are very simple and easy to understand. The rules of this game are

  1. Take a scotch tape and paste it on the table vertically and horizontally making 6 boxes.
  2. Place the plastic cap on the corner of the table.
  3. Next, flip the cup.
  4. If it stands upside down, one should place it in the space he/she wants.
  5. The one to get the first row completed wins the game.

5 Ways to play Tic Tac Toe flip cup

  1. One on one

In this type of game, only two opponents play this game without making any team. The one who completes row first wins the game. 

  1. Bounce back

Instead of flipping, now you are going to throw it at a distance from the table and the cup should bounce back. If it stands upside down and one makes a row he/she wins.

  1. Team play 

Now, the win is of the person who makes good teamwork. When one person flips the cup and put it in the space, now it’s the turn of his teammate to do the next flip. When a row is completed, the team wins.

4.Flip on the bottle 

 It is the hardest of all the games. In this type, one has to flip the cup upside down on the bottle fixed at the other end of the table. The one, who flips the cups and makes the row first, wins.

  1. Beer pong 

Beer pong flip cup tic tac toe is a little different from flipping the cup. In this game, the player has to throw the ball in some cups filled with the beer or it can be any drink, and his/her opponent has to drink it.

 It is a common game to play even kids by adding different drinks they like. If you are playing beer pong tic tak toe in this quarantine, with your friends make sure to add drinks they hate the most. I am sure you are going to enjoy their reaction.


Playing interesting games is the best way to enjoy your life with friends and family. When you don’t go outside to play football, basketball, and table tennis as an outdoor game then get up and play Tic Tac Toe flip cup to enjoy with your loved one or to make your party more engaging.